We are a successful Off Road Rally raid team that enables people who live with disabilities to participate in OFFROAD ACTIVITIES AND Motorsport

Beyond injury, achieving the extraordinary

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Race2Recovery founded in 2011!

Ever since then we've been participating in off road rally events in U.K. and all over the world. In 2012 we were the first disabled team to succesfully finish the Tuareg Rallye.

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The Dakar Challenge

- which was part of the original reason why the team was founded. In 2013 R2R was the first disabled team to participate AND finish the world's toughest rally with a car. R2R repeated this succes in 2014, this time in a T4 Truck.

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1st disabled (co)driving rally pair

R2R completed a British off road rally event with a disabled driver and navigator. Once again proving we go Beyond Injury! 2015 saw R2R winning at the British Championship Rally Event, the 1st disabled rally pair to go home with that trophy!

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