Finish line of the Tuareg Rallye

Race2Recovery’s Charles & Barney have succesfully finished the Tuareg Rallye!

Navigator Cpl Barney Gillespie on arrival.

15 cars started out in the Pro category, with eventually five cars making it across the finish line.

What started out as a bit of a difficult journey to the Tuareg Rallye itself (including delayed flight, questioning in customs for hours and some lost crew members), they eventually made it to Ouarzazate.

The first days of racing included 250km of mountains and dunes and were critical to get back into a racing rhythm. They got stuck, needing to dig themselves out with the help of sand ladders, and had a few time penalties for being late at check points. This was nothing in comparison to the breaking of the most necessary utility in the vehicle: the cup holder! All in all, the morale was still high and the team was enjoying the rally.

Driver Capt. Charles Sincock inspecting the dunes and route.

On Wednesday Charles & Barney needed a recovery from the stage after blowing a drive shaft in the dunes. This ultimately set the tone for the remainder of the rally: racing with a badly limping car to the finish!

The next day was back to business, also helping out other teams that got stuck along the route. Powder dry sand, desert heat, dealing with continuous mechanical issues (of the car – and prosthetic variety) were daily tasks. But with some serious cheering from family, friends and Race2Recovery supporters, they kept their head in the race!

With 1 day remaining and exhaustion setting in, the finish line loomed ahead. They were running 5th and kept the racing tidy, keeping that place driving across the finish.

A massive congratulations to Charles, Barney and the whole team involved.

Thank you to all involved in this adventure!

(Article possible trough the reports of Charles & Barney to our Social Media manager, Tiffany Hyde)

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