who-we-areRace2Recovery are a team of volunteers, racing to inspire those who are injured, disabled or facing adversity, by being the first team of predominantly injured servicemen to complete the formidable Dakar Rally in South America, January 2013.


We are doing this to raise money for a charitable cause, one chosen by the injured members of the team. It is a Help for Heroes project, the Tedworth House recovery centre in Wiltshire, where injured serviceman can receive every kind of support, forever.



All the charitable money that is donated to us by the public or companies goes to support Tedworth, completely separate from the team’s racing activity which is paid for by personal contribution and corporate sponsorship alone. The generous individuals and companies that sponsors us do so because they have a passion for the success of the unique campaign, and want to give their experience, products, financial support, expertise and commitment to make sure the Race2Recovery team complete the race in January 2013.


Those members of team that have been wounded in combat have a huge variety of injuries, some have injuries that are more apparent than others, but each person has had their life completely changed. Be it missing limbs, spinal and respiratory injuries, to psychological and fragmentation injuries, each has resolved to prove that their injury will not stop them completing the toughest race on the planet.



We are not a long standing racing team, and have created a capable and competitive rally raid team from nothing in 12 months. The team are from across the country (and around the world), run the team in their spare time, and everyone involved either has a full time profession or is a servicemen currently rehabilitating from their wounds.


The team consists of people from all backgrounds and walks of life: injured servicemen, former soldiers sailors and airmen, and generous people with no military background who have given their time and commitment to the endeavour.

Since the very start of Race2Recovery Trish, her daughter Joanna, son Adam and the whole Chapman family have been our strongest supporters, believing in our ability to succeed despite the challenges of our injuries. They generously became Official Partners of the team through their company, Orange Plant, granting the use of their Qt Wildcat 500DKR, providing generous advice, funds and exceptional friendship.


Trish, Joanna and TonyFor Trish and her family a huge part of their support has been to help our wounded team members and to see the Orange Plant Qt Wildcat compete in the Dakar rally. Her late husband, Gordon Chapman, commissioned the car to fulfil his dream of completing the Dakar Rally but sadly passed away before he could attempt it. Despite this tragedy Trish, Joanna and Adam decided that Gordon would have been inspired by what Race2Recovery are attempting and the team are delighted and proud to honour Gordon’s memory by racing the Orange Plant Wildcat with Gordon’s name on it to the end of the Dakar.